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Providing Secure Connectivity and Data Management Services to Mobile Medical Screening Units

           The complete solution for Mobile Units 

Our Services

Our Services

DEOS Dual Service

Following extensive research and development it is our belief that in order to rely on connectivity for your screening vehicles it is essential to have access to the strongest network and cloud connections.

This best of both worlds approach delivers the most robust and effective connection, and our DEOS Dual technology has successfully delivered millions of screening images from vehicles directly back to hospital PACS.

DEOS Paperless Screening

Our paperless solution has our latest software which enables the user to check and confirm the essential details, edit and update changes and draw on the anatomical diagrams to illustrate clinical findings. 

Our studies show that on a typical unconnected service there are 42 process steps between invitation and results. Paperless working can reduce this to as few as 21 meaning greater efficiency for all staff.

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