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DEOS was founded in 2015 by a qualified mammographer with extensive experience of screening on mobile vans.

Having seen first-hand the potential benefits of working in a connected environment she was determined to bring these benefits to mobile screening vans everywhere.

Within months DEOS had won support from the Space for Smarter Government scheme and commenced the design of a totally new service that combines and manages the benefits of both satellite connectivity and 3G|4G connectivity to provide the most resilient and robust service available.

Then, we worked with a respected former member of the NBSS board to create a documented paperless working process for Breast Screening Vans.

Next we created an MIS system that for the very first time can give visibility onto the vans from HQ.

Now we are able to extend our service to other mobile screening programmes such as MRI, and CT.

We can offer:
  • Automatic image transfer direct from van to hospital PACS

  • Live access to appointment systems and work lists on van

  • Live access to software applications on van

  • Managed email, internet and intranet access on vans

  • Direct entry of clinical and administrative notes to relevant applications

  • Guidance on how to achieve paperless working

  • Visibility from HQ to vans

  • An end to communication isolation

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