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The DEOS Dual Service is unique in combining managed satellite and 3G|4G connectivity to deliver the most robust connectivity to your mobile screening vehicles.

We are able to provide your staff on board with managed access to the internet, your intranet, and their email accounts, this increases efficiency by enabling staff to manage their workload.

We transmit all screening images created directly from the vehicles back to hospital PACS. Although we can do this in near real time, we tend to work on the basis that images from Monday's clinic will be in PACS by Tuesday morning. Either way there is no more transporting hard drives full of images.

We provide live access to appointment systems and work lists. This gives far more flexibility on the vehicle and means clients can be accommodated by staff on the van without the need for contacting the main hospital administration team. 

In summary the DEOS Dual Service offers:

  • All images moved automatically into hospital PACS

  • Live access to appointment systems and work lists

  • On board access to email

  • On board to internet and intranet

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