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DeosCORE Paperless Process

The DEOSCORE Process includes everything that is offered by the DEOS Dual Service but takes it further.

As well as the automatic image transfer; the live work lists; the email, internet and intranet access; we also add additional functionality on both the mobile vehicle and the HQ.

Firstly on the van we create live access to hospital applications such as the NBSS software. This means that clinical notes, and administration changes can be entered directly from the vehicle, which in turn can lead to the removal of paper based systems.

Next we can help you to look at your current processes and help with the transition from paper based systems to digital based systems. We have worked with Margot Wheaton to document a process for paperless working and we are happy to share this with our clients.

In addition our DeosCORE Service can give secure remote access to your modality provider giving the opportunity for first line support to be conducted remotely, this reduces service down time and saves valuable time and money for you.

Finally for the first time ever we are able to give HQ access to our Managed Information Service that can show in real time which vans are logged in and creating images. This is a great way to know that your staff have arrived safely and that everything is functioning on the vans.

The DEOSCORE Service Includes:
  • All images moved automatically into hospital PACS

  • Live access to appointment systems and work lists

  • On board access to email

  • On board to internet and intranet

  • On board access to hospital applications

  • Optional help to migrate to paperless processes

  • Optional remote access for modality provider

  • HQ access to MIS view of vans

  • Full image audit and reporting

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