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Pennine Breast Screening & DEOS Optima deliver UK first paperless mobile breast screening operation

"We are paperless on the mobile vans"

"This major breakthrough into paperless working has been achieved with hard work and a commitment to succeed from all the staff at the Pennine Breast Screening Centre" says Sarah Alexander - PBS Deputy Superintendent Mammography Manager.

Pennine Breast Screening are believed to be the first screening service in the UK to deliver a truly paperless screening service on mobile vans.

Now, the four mobile vans in PBS successfully use new technology from DEOS Consultancy to securely connect directly to systems and applications within the hospital. Mammographers and Assistant Practitioners now use NBSS to enter information "live" directly from the mobile unit to the hospital, improving accuracy and turnaround times.

DEOS Consultancy Ltd have developed a robust system to wirelessly and securely transfer screening images from the mobile unit back to the hospital in as little as 2 minutes. Patient information and schedules are delivered to laptops without the need of forms and paper diaries. The secure encrypted DEOS VPN between the van and the hospital enables staff to update patient data and accurately record clinical information at the time of screening. The DEOS software monitors and manages the connections and provides image by image transfer reporting giving peace of mind.

The knock on effect back in the hospital is that office staff and administrators no longer transcribe hand-written notes into NBSS or spend any time uploading images from hard drives into PACS.

There is now a real opportunity to reduce the anxious waiting period between having a screening mammogram and receiving the result, from the 14 day target that has not changed since the screening programme started in the late 1980's.

Our courier costs have been removed, all our staff like the DEOS system and our film readers and Radiologists are keen to report the screening films without paper." Leah Richardson - Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

DEOS Consultancy deployed their latest infrastructure architecture into the mobile screening units enabling privacy and security and meeting the requirements of the service. This Innovation has led to the success of being paperless in the Bradford Breast Screening Region.

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